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Wells Endodontics


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Patient Testimonials

Fabulous care! I have never experienced care like I received in your office. The doctor and staff were genuinely concerned about my well-being, Before, during, and after the procedure. Everything was clearly explained and handled professionally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Catherine Billington

I told everyone in my office how impressed I was with the level of care and that Dr. Wells called me personnally to see how I was doing the next day. I hope I never need another root canal, but if I do, I will be coming back.

Kelly Carpenter

Your office is the best!  You helped me overcome my fear of going to a dentist office.  Thank you all for being so informative and kind to me.  My visit was painfree, like you promised.  I would recommend you to anyone...keep up the good work!  God bless you, a happy patient.


I would not discribe any visit I have had to a Dental office as "pleasant". This being said however, I would rank my recent visit to your office as one of the least painful that I have ever experienced, especially considering the procedure that I was having done. So, just to say great job to you all, and Thank you!

Mark Childers

Dr.Wells is wonderful,did great teaching me about my xray and the procedure that was needed.As a retired nurse I was EXTREMELY impressed with his education about endodontics,plus calling me the next day to see how I was doing is truly a sign of a caring dentist.I was very comfortable during the treatment.The staff is so attentive and very professional as well as caring.I would definetly give a referral to see Dr.Wells and his excellent staff!

Ellen Stephens

Fabulous care!  I have never experienced care like I received in your office.  The doctor and staff were genuinely concerned about my well-being, Before, during, and after the procedure.  Everything was clearly explained and handled professionally.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The staff was extremely kind and helpful.  They provided me with helpful information.  The procedure went so well I actually almost fell asleep while getting my root canal.  I'm very pleased with my experience at this office.


My experience with Dr. Wells was as great as it can get.  I must drive 75 miles to get to his office, during which time anxiety builds.  Having a "root canal" done doesn't even sound like fun, but with his soothing tones and reassuring demeanor, most of the anxiety is gone by the time the procedure starts.  His office has the state of the art equipment, and a staff that is polite and also very reassuring.  It's obvious that they are all professionals that know how to make an unpleasant process easier.  This has been my second experience with Dr. Wells and must say, it's not much different than having a filling...just a bit lengthier.  The after math was a walk in the park.  Other than the needle sticks, of which an aspirin handled, was again, no worse than getting a filling.  It's been my finding, that true professionals that are not just in business for the buck are far too few.  Dr. Wells, IS a true professional and takes pride in his work.  He like myself is a perfectionist that isn't happy with "Good Enough".  Very Sincerely, Nicholas J. Vadasz

Nicholas J. Vadasz

Thank you so much for helping me out in my time of need.  You have the nicest dental office in the world, and you all made me feel very at home.  Thank you for calling & checking up on me.  I will never fear a root canal again, but look forward to it so I can visit you again.  Thank you all so much!


My hesitation & nervousness beforehand quickly disappeared with Dr. Wells' friendly personality, easy understanding of the procedure, and care/concern of all staff.  I felt that my fears were understood & everyone took special care of me.  I was EXTREMELY satisfied with my experience.

Thank you so much!


I am glad that I found people like you.  Thank you so much to all of you, especially Dr. Brian Wells.  You did a good job.  Have a happy and healthy holidays.


I really want to thank you for the wonderful treatment you gave me.  I appreciate how thorough you were & the time you took to explain.  I see that you have a passion for what you do.  Keep up the good work!


This was my second visit to this office and was wonderful again. The staff is very friendly, efficient and kind. The root canal was over in about an hour and I felt nothing. Thank you again for another great appointment.

Jason Manley

I was so scared going in for the root canal. But from the moment I got there till I left I was placed at ease. The staff is great and most important Dr. Well was great. He kept reassuring me that there would be no pain, and he was very patient with me through the whole process. Thank you Dr. Wells for a great experience and thank you to the staff as well.

Yewande Oshuntuyi

I have always been scared to death of the dentist. I had a root canal this morning and I am highly recommended Dr. Wells to treat you. He was singing and humming while keeping you informed of what is going on. I am impressed and will go back to him. Name is Brian T Wells. Only pain was the shots to numb me. You can watch wild life outside the window which helps you relax.

Saralee Boatwright

Dr Wells is the very best he is such a caring doctor he is truly concerned about the patients well being and saving the tooth. All of his office staff is wonderful he is the very best! Thank you again for the excellent care and service

Dawn Jomant

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Wells and his staff. They were very caring, personable and extremely professional. Dr. Wells is wonderful and my root canal was done in no time. The massage chair and warm towels were so luxurious. Dr. Wells singing was an added bonus. My visit was painfree like you promised. I would highly recommend you to anyone! Thank you so much!

Katherine Greenbaum

Dr. Wells impressed me with his integrity with putting the patient's needs first. He made the decision not to do a root canal because the next dentist would have a big challenge with capping the tooth. Thank you for your honesty and doing what was best for me. You and your staff made me feel like family.

Carol Hodgson

Thank you Dr. Wells !!! I had my first ever root canal this afternoon. I was very nervous about the procedure going in, but I was immediately put at ease by the great care of Dr. Wells and his staff. Dr. Wells saved my tooth, and did it with such professionalism and genuine compassion. The only pain (minimal) was during the numbing process. Otherwise, absolutely no pain. Dr. Wells and his entire staff are amazing. The office is also very beautiful and extremely comfortable. I am truly grateful that I found Dr. Wells to complete my root canal. A great doctor and even better person. Jan/2019

Ben Galfond

Where to start? This was my second root canal and I never thought I would look forward to one but I did. Dr. Wells has a terrific "chairside" manner, very experienced in his profession, and a wealth of knowledge regarding 80's music that rivals my own. An experienced long term staff that is friendly and very professional. My time there was actually fun. Thanks to all.

John Millen

Dr. Wells is the best and most caring doctor I know. He always takes the patients comfort and pain in mind, even if he is uncomfortable doing his job. Five Stars and more for him!

Anita L Kozlowski

I would like to thank you and your staff for great experience in getting the dreaded root canal. Your staff is top of the line, friendly, professional and attentive. You can tell the atmosphere is from the top of the organization down. Dr. Wells is awesome, he puts you at ease immediately! He is so informational and tells you exactly what he is doing and why! The equipment in the office is unbelievable and state of the art. The follow up call from Dr. Wells was completely unexpected. I would refer him to anyone needing his services. On a scale of 1-10 would be a 20! Thank you Dr. Wells and your staff!

Linda LaFontaine